1. Quantify your achievements

We come across sales candidates cv with no references to the numbers, no quota, no achievement…just lots of BD for this and that, covering which markets, spearheading some new initiatives…No. As long as it is a sales CV, it has to have numbers.


2. Customisation is King

Yes, sightly tweaking of the CV to highlight the areas of fit and the experience needed definitely gives you the edge almost 100s of CVs recruiters go through.


3. Find the right length for the career stage

Yes but no, no matter how senior you are, there is no need for a 17 page CV.

I tried to convince a candidate that he really need to scale down his CV but he simply refused because he felt that he has done a lot of work and rather senior. I have top executives who’s CV is 2 pages but speak volumes. Its the relevant content for the job, not the length.


4. Pic or no pic?

I usually send the pictures only when I think the picture lends credibility to the CV and even that it is sometimes subjective to the reader. On LI yes, definitely, because it is usually with people you already know and their connections. On CV, I think sometimes the picture may have a tendency to create biases unconsciously and prevents him/her from being shortlisted.