• The Tech Quarterback Issue #6

    The Tech Quarterback Issue #6

    Dear Quarterback readers, We are back! Finally, after a long hiatus. The past few years were some of the most challenging and (quoting this overused word) unprecedented times I have seen in tech, hiring and the world in general. We had to put a pause on writing QB as we took time and energy to adapt ourselves to the world around us. Hope the past 2 years have treated you well. 

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  • Top Technology Trends in 2023

    Top Technology Trends in 2023

    2022 was like a roller coaster ride for hiring where we see at the beginning of the year, economies starting to open up and an influx of open roles but the year ended with news of retrenchment and restructuring.Hopefully, this new year, 2023 will be different and much better.

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  • Retrenchment: Overthinking, Anxiety, Depression

    Retrenchment: Overthinking, Anxiety, Depression

    We have seen and heard retrenchment happening left, right, and center. In a tight Asian tech market pool that we are so familiar with, these few months we saw people struggle to find a new job in a market that has seen hiring plummet. 

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  • Realigning Your Energies to Land a New Job

    Realigning Your Energies to Land a New Job

    This advice may not be for everyone - if you don't believe in the Law of Attraction, please skip this article. For those who are curious and those who really want to get a new job, read on. If you have been trying for some time to find and land a job, I feel you. This is especially not the best place to be, in between jobs. 

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  • How to Approach a Recruiter

    How to Approach a Recruiter

    A recruiter’s day is filled with non-stop conversations. Talking to candidates, hiring managers, HR people, recruitment team. But, what if you are the one in need of a new opportunity or want to make a change? You can’t just sit around, wait, and hope for a recruiter to reach out to you. Or you have reached out to some recruiters but no one has responded tangibly. Have you ever wondered how to approach recruiters effectively?

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