The rest is about investing time to develop a real relationship. A good understanding requires developing this relationship to know what is needed, what can work, who is the right fit so as to build a deep pool of resources and talent within this field of Technology. This is ultimately, a more efficient way to keep in step with investing in the best human capital for your business.


Our search covers Asia Pacific for both Contingency and Retained Search needs.

We provide staffing needs in the mid to senior levels for sales, management, marketing and technical consultation positions in the Technology sector.


The job of a recruiter is not simply one of forwarding lots of names to the employer. At least for us, it isn’t. We make it a point to understand your needs and preferences intimately that we know just who you might like as the right fit for your team.

What this means is that we take the initiative to help you in your selection process. For every role, potentials are screened over the phone down to a handful to have a face-to-face meet up with us. From here, we recommend only 4 that we think are great for the role. In almost all cases, at least 3 are snapped up for interviews. Also, out of 10 jobs entasked to us, 7 are made to our candidates.* This saves you time sifting through countless CVs for more promising interviews as opposed to a hum drum line up of many maybe’s.
*statistic compiled as of nov 2014





For Employers


  • Interview with  Dennis Sze, Head of Sales, Asia South at Yugabyte

    Interview with Dennis Sze, Head of Sales, Asia South at Yugabyte

    Interview with  Dennis Sze, Head of Sales, Asia South at Yugabyte, and Josephine Chia, Founder of Progression Search Pte Ltd.   Josephine Chia (JC): Hi Dennis! Can you tell me more about Yugabyte? Dennis Sze (DS): Sure thing. Yugabyte is a cloud-native distributed database providing elastic and resiliency services to modern applications. It is largely targeted at enterprise clients in their cloud native and modernization journey. Being used by Born-In-The-Cloud companies. Very popular with Fortune 500 and fintech companies.

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  • Positive Engagement: Great Candidate Experience

    Positive Engagement: Great Candidate Experience

    It's common knowledge that it takes a village to hire someone. A lot comes together when trying to recruit talents for your team. You need to invest time, and if you're not careful, you might end up wasting time. It's always a team effort, so it is appreciated whenever there's help, internal or external.

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  • Talent Pool Or Talent Pipeline?

    Talent Pool Or Talent Pipeline?

    We’ve heard the terms talent pool and talent pipeline every so often but have we taken the time to understand what they meant - for you, your team, and your business? The question boils down to what strategy will you employ; is it pooling or pipelining? Before you jump the gun and pick, let’s try to differentiate the two. 

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  • Technology Talent Hiring - Mapping your sourcing avenues

    Technology Talent Hiring - Mapping your sourcing avenues

    For us hiring in the tech space, every now and then, you get to a point where it feels like you have saturated the talent market and your sourcing pools. You start thinking (horror) there are no candidates in the market that fits my job (lament and cry).

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  • What Constitutes a Great Candidate Experience?

    What Constitutes a Great Candidate Experience?

    Job hunting has always been stressful, but still recovering from the wake of a pandemic, job hunting has gone to another level of anxiety. That is why candidate experience took front and center on every hiring stage. But what constitutes a great candidate experience, and how does one elevate candidate experience as an executive search agency?

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