Two weeks after working on an assignment, we realised that the market had a pretty negative perception on one of our clients.

Rejection rates were at an all-time high due to the a few changes in the senior management, coupled with a few key resignations. When compared to their competition, they were clearly not looking that great.

In order to get an "A" candidate for the leadership role, we worked hand in hand with our client to produce an objection handling cheat-sheet to address market perceptions honestly and diplomatically. Candidates were appreciative of us giving a clear picture of what the challenges of this role would be.

Our client took the feedback well and was also proactive to change.

They launched PR campaigns as well as made investments in products launches that helped create a positive vibe around their company once again. After working on strategic calls-to-action to improve their brand image, mapping 600+ names, engaging 4 of our own consultants and our Managing Director in the assignment, we found the dynamic new leader and subsequently built a tight team for them as well.

When finding top talents, we recognise the influence good branding can bring. And honestly, branding is as much ours as it is our client's. It is not only your reputation on the line, but ours too.


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‚Äč*We simplified and summarised a story that took a lot of resilience for your easy reading. But trust us, the process wasn't as simple as we just made it sound.