Little time, speed is of the essence

Every day, people call a headhunter and expect to find a job waiting for them. We wish it is that straight forward. Seriously, if I make 50 dollars with every such call, we can call it a day. I even have irate texts from referred candidates who said, “I thought you were going to call me and get me a job.”

The reality is almost all recruiters are paid (at some point) by a client, to find them exceptional talent, fast.

If we are not fast and spot on, another agency replaces us, pronto. Every recruiter is under tremendous pressure to deliver the right candidates, qualify them, cover all the questions they have for the new opportunity and pitch them uniquely to the client, in a matter of days, across a few jobs.

We work around 10 hours. We have spent about 8hours just talking to candidates that are relevant to our client’s roles . 2 hours are left for proposals, debriefing clients, preparing candidates etc.

There’s little time to talk to candidates you don’t have a job for at the moment, truth be told.


It’s not sustainable

Up to now, the best way to talk to a recruiter is to apply to a suitable job on the portal. If you have the skills, you’ll be sure you will get a call. Or get a favour from someone who knows a recruiter, to chat. You may get the call, the call may be short. It is probably not useful.

That’s why we came up with such a service.


It will ensure the time spent and advice to the candidate is useful, structured and move the candidate towards what they want. At the same time, it justifies the time spent away from a potential placement.


We want to give you useful advice and not just a courtesy call

We cannot keep saying – ok, give a courtesy call to this candidate who was referred from so and so that either gets procrastinated or too short to be meaningful. We actually don’t feel good about it, we don’t like to be in your shoes, either. But we are paid to do what we need to do as a priority. To do it half-heartedly, is not sustainable for recruiters. We don’t feel good, knowing we should have called, should have spent more time. It is disappointing to you, the job hunter as well.


The best ways to approach a headhunter are:

1) Apply for a suitable job on our portal – do make sure you have the skills. The more relevant your experiences are, the higher the chances. Please don’t apply for something you have no credentials for – fastest way to lose your credibility.

2) No such jobs? Write in with your CV, with your ideal next role. Do it nicely… so the recruiter will import it in their CRM with a nice remark for you. They might even starred you so that you are top of mind, because polite candidates are rare. You will stand out.

3) Lastly, book a time for career advisory services like ours Check out our testimonials here.