Wiley Olano

Wiley Olano

Senior Consultant, APAC

“We do our best to match candidates
to opportunities that will have a true fit
to their skills and the company culture.”

Describe yourself in 3 words

Open-minded, trustworthy and positive.

What has been the hardest business decision you’ve had to make?

Moving to Singapore. I am alone here as my family is back in the Philippines – the prospects here definitely
boast a lot of exciting opportunities which was the key factor, but this decision has got to be the hardest by far.

What has been the most memorable moment in your career?

There are 2 that I can think of – firstly, when I was working in a BPO company in the Philippines and got promoted to Human Resource to do recruitment. This really put my career in a different playing field and I have loved it ever since. The second –working in Singapore particularly in Progression, because it broadens my horizon even more every day.

What will get you jumping out of bed every day?

A candidate that wants to sign a job offer
A much-anticipated holiday
An exciting activity

If Progression is a famous person, who would it be?

Emma Watson – she is young, current, projects a lot of substance in her character and shows so much potential.

What is the very first thing you notice about a person in an interview?

The handshake – whether it’s a firm or hesitant handshake and then the facial expression.
I can tell whether they are comfortable or nervous.

What do you love the most about your job?

I get to meet different types of people and engage in varied conversations regarding experiences,
aspirations as well as thought provoking ideas and ideals.

What are you up to during your free time?

I travel, read and watch movies. I am also into photography and music.

Wiley has 8 years of recruitment experience and is currently a senior consultant with Progression Search, he joined
the company in February 2012 and has since helped conduct placements across sales, presales, and consulting.
He started his career in the Philippines working for a BPO US MNC as an in house Recruitment Specialist where
he was responsible in hiring for a wide variety of roles from entry level to managers and directors.